Cool nrg has unique expertise in project design, implementation and the management of mass scale energy efficiency campaigns, having developed and delivered several world-first energy efficiency programmes. 


Cool nrg’s teams in Mexico, the UK and Australia have delivered major campaigns resulting in world record successful outcomes. In addition, a number of projects have been consulted on or developed for Clients in the USA, China, Europe and Asia.

Cool nrg’s projects have involved complex planning, regulatory and logistics management in consultation with a range of major multinational media, retail and supply partners.


In all of our programmes to date, by developing unique relationships with these key stakeholders, Cool nrg has managed to deliver CFLs to consumers at no cost to themselves – a major achievement in the transfer of technology and alleviating poverty.

There is a full range of highly specialised functional services for project delivery that Cool nrg can provide its clients, either on a consulting basis or as a full end-to-end package managed by Cool nrg.

These include:

Programme Strategy

option analysis, feasibility studies, market research

Product Selection

establishing specifications, procurement, technical support

Planning & Control

project plans, timelines and budget considerations


manufacturing & production schedules, shipping delivery, quality control

Distribution & Logistics

inland movements, warehouse storage & associated transport

Exchange Points

managing give-away or exchange Points of Exchange, training, signage

Marketing & Media

develops PR, Media communications, promotional materials


database design, data capture, analysis


CFL recycling, GLS destruction and waste management

Relationship Management

communication strategy, reporting, steering committees

Programa Luz Sustentable, Mexico

Programa Luz Sustentable, Mexico

Project Development & CME Sales