Mexico, 2011/12

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The Change the Globe campaign was the biggest energy efficiency project in Australia in one day. 500,000 energy saving lights (Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)) were given away. The light globes could be collected in exchange for a coupon in the Herald Sun newspaper on 2 Februrary 2008. 

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UK, 2008

The Great British Light Switch set the world record for the largest distribution of free CFLs. 4.5 million CFLs were given away. A double pack of light globes could be collected with the purchase of The Sun on 19 January 2008.
The campaign involved collaboration with 17,000 retailers and included a nation-wide competition to win prizes such as holidays or a car. 

Victoria, Australia, 2008

QLD, Australia, 2008

UK, 2008

The Mecca Bingo Giveaway set a new standard for global leisure industry energy efficiency campaigns by distributing 2 million CFLs through Mecca Bingo clubs through the UK. The campaign gained over 200 pieces of PR coverage and managed to reach a large number of 'fuel poor' households. All throughout September 2008 double pack light globes could be collected by every club member and participants had the chance to win prizes such as TVs, an eco car, or house insulation. 

The Big Light Switch Campaign was an energy efficiency campaign in collaboration with the Queensland Government that delivered 1 million CFLs to Queensland households. The giveaway was delivered in one week and was the biggest of its kind to date in Australia. Double- and four- packs of light globes could be collected in exchange for a token in The Sunday Mail. Additionally, consumers had the chance to win a car, solar system or holiday in a state-wide competition. 

The Programa Luz Sustentable was the world's largest residential CFL exchange programme within attached carbon benefits under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and was subsequently presented with a Guinness World Record. A total of 22.9 million CFLs were exchanged for incandescent light globes across Mexico. 

We design, develop and deliver mass scale emission reduction projects through partnering with governments, national and multi-national companies.

UN approved carbon credits for the "Programa Luz Sustentable" are avialable for sale