We have worked with some of the world's leading brands to deliver ‘moment in time’ mass energy efficiency campaigns. By using mass media, gaming, prizes and campaigning in our strategic campaigns we were able to motivate change and deliver the world’s largest energy saving projects.  

Since 2007 Cool nrg has delivered low-consumption light bulbs to households saving over US$823 million in energy costs. We have worked with governments, the World Bank, the UNFCCC, several global financial institutions and some of Europe’s leading companies. 


Cool nrg established the world’s first programmatic Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Programmatic CDM is seen as the best opportunity to take UN Carbon Credits to the least developed countries around the world. Cool nrg is helping companies develop these credits through renewables as well as commercial and domestic energy efficiency.


Cool nrg is a world leader in outsourced Coordinating Managing Entity (CME) service.

About us

Cool nrg's goal is to tackle climate change. We undertake projects and campaigns that massively reduce carbon emissions.


As an organisation, we have delivered the world's largest energy efficiency campaigns

Our current focus is adapting the skills learned in energy efficiency campaigns to the renewable sector. We believe that the time is right for an underlying disruption in the way that energy has been generated, delivered and marketed.


Cool nrg is a world leader and pioneer in CDM and Programme of Activities (PoA) development. Our Luz Sustentable project in Mexico (involving the distribution of 20m+ energy-efficient lightbulbs) is the first PoA to register, validate and issue CERs. It is also one of the world’s largest PoAs. 


With our experience from a variety of international projects, we have the expertise to support your projects, wherever they may be. This is backed by a dedicated Data Management System to support the critical areas of monitoring and validation.


Our CME Management System is the distillation of the PoA experience of the best minds in the business, informed by our many successes and challenges. It is structured on an ISO 9000 Total Quality System framework, as we move towards the first ISO accreditation in the industry.